Friday, December 9, 2011

Champions League at one glance.

What exactly happened last round?

Basel won against ManU and stays in the tournament. With a perfect performance they managed to win against three-time Champions League winner. ManU only needed a point in Switzerland to clinch second spot in Group C.
Amsterdam lost against Madrid 0:3. But the surprise of the week was the victory of Lyon against Zagreb. Lyon managed to win 7:1, after the first half ended 1:1. That means Lyon gets the chance to stay in the tournament while Amsterdam has to play in the Europe Legaue next year.
Munich lost to ManCity 0:2. No surprise, since Munich played with their B-Team. But the win is still not enough for ManCity to stay in the Champions League. Third place and Europe League ahead! Neapel wins against Villarreal and gets the second place in group A.
Also there was a little surprise in group B. Moscow claimed the second place, while Lille and Trabzonspror play draw. Inter remains at place number one.

Finally both teams from Manchester were eliminated. Dortmund is not even in the Europe League next year. Amsterdam with the biggest bad luck the last few months.  
I'm looking forward to see Nikosia play in the last sixteen. The team from Cyprus have never been in the end round of the royal class of football.

At the very end, how it doesn't work!

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